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New jewelry

New jewelry

Mini collection

Mini collection "Smiley emoji"

The collection is intended for women, children and young people


Collection "Fall in love"

Statement jewelry


The new collection


Why fall in love but not love?

Because love is already so strong, so stable, but falling in love gives ease, allows us to fall and get up and LOVE again ourselves, life, sports, people around us.

When you say LOVE, an airy smile blooms on your lips, your heart beats faster and energy flows into your veins.



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What they say about us:

I can proudly say that I have been a fan of Korola jewellry for several years now! I use them both everyday and in photo sessions and on the set. I still wear the very first drop earrings, which have been supplemented by several designer earrings, necklaces and other Korola artworks. In jewellry, I appreciate an asketic, but at the same time always recognizable design, as well as the fact that even the most luxurious earrings can be perfectly combined with everyday clothes. I am deeply grateful to Jekaterina and the Korola team for creating such beautiful jewellry and always providing excellent service!

Dana Gulbe

"I always look for my perfect jewellery at Korola. It is important for me that the jewellery does not interfere with being active, does not limit the freedom of movement, but is noticeable and looks great even when I do not look perfect myself. In the mountains, every little thing counts, and earrings help me maintain my femininity in places where endurance and strength are more important. Korola's earrings with an English clasp perfectly adapt to my lifestyle, whether climbing rocks and ice, or reaching the summits.”

Kristīne Liepiņa

Before Korola jewellery came into my life, I didn't feel complete on a daily basis. It seemed that the feminine and easy-going part of me was missing. Then we met and I can't imagine a day without Korola jewelry! Well, I feel complete! I feel alive!

Iris Vidauska

The design and material of KOROLA jewelry have a magical appeal and charm, they are like a "second skin" that you can't live without, neither on a daily basis nor on a special occasion.

Ieva Broka

Wonderful jewellery for all situations in life. Both for everyday life and for special occasions. My favorite jewelry from Korola is definitely the 'Family' necklace. ❤️

Iluta Puķudruva

I think that almost every woman will agree here - How to find jewellery that suits you!? That they correspond to my inner being, that they are quite functional, perfectly combined with each other and that they are good friends with the clothes that are in my closet! This is exactly what KOROLA jewellery is! Laconic, but at the same time with excellent character, which will complement your visual image, not suppress it. Jewellery is like an addition and at the same time the end of your overall image both in everyday life and on special occasions!

Gita Šildere

Korola jewellery has become a special favorite of mine for 4 years now. They are my jewellery both for everyday life and for special occasions. Knowing the fantastic work that goes into creating designer jewellery, it takes these pieces of art to another level. I can always be sure that the jewellery will be carefully thought out, made and loved from the heart. There is no doubt about the quality of the jewellery, because the materials used are carefully tested before reaching the beautiful jewellery showcases. Thank you, Jekaterina, for what you do & create💛

Iveta Simsone



All Korola Jewellery is 100% handmade.

High quality

High quality

We only work with high quality materials, crystals and pearls.

Gift Jewellery

Gift Jewellery

Order your jewellery, we will wrap it and send it directly to the recipient.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

On average, we deliver within 1-2 working days.




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