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Brand story

Brand story

A happy and successful woman is one who has set her own life goal

In our case, there is the dedicated Jekaterina - the creator of the Korola brand. The woman, who is a lawyer by higher education, has worked in her profession for several years, but guided by her heart, she has been active in the management and growth of the Korola jewellery brand for several years.

It all started in 2008. year, when Jekaterina, guided by her hobby and joy, started making jewellery for herself and her friends to give for the holidays. Wanting to present something special, individual and made from the heart. The girlfriends were always excited and even expressed their desire to buy jewellery. And so little by little and without realizing it, Jekaterina realized that creating jewellery has already become her way of life and an integral part of her daily life. It was time to make her dream a reality! Enlisting the help of her mother - Rita, who is a unique personality, with golden hands, great taste and unparalleled creativity. By investing a lot of work, knowledge and time, a team was created. As a result, there has been a handmade jewellery brand in Latvia for several years - Korola.

Jekaterina's dream had come true, but in order for the company to be successful, recognizable and competitive, it is necessary to work hard. The Korola team invests a lot of time, a lot of work and patience every day to provide the best to their customers. As a result, the Korola brand has become one of the leading jewellery brands in Latvia.

Korola jewellery will highlight your personality, in which you will feel even more confident, feminine and beautiful

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We use only high-quality materials that are tested before they go on sale.



We achieve originality of the jewellery with the invested handwork and individual approach to each customer. Jewellery is created based on the latest fashion trends, inspired by fashion shows and magazines.



A lot of love for what we do is invested in every piece of jewelry we make.




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